Put Your Little Ones in Reliable Hands

Take advantage of our day care for toddlers and babies in Newaygo, MI

If it's time to enroll your child in infant care or day care for toddlers, Shaneann's Early Learning Center, LLC is an excellent option. Our home-away-from-home centers help kids reach theirdevelopmental milestones. To find out about our programs in Newaygo, MI and surrounding areas, get in touch with us today.

Find out how we help children grow

Find out how we help children grow

Every parent wants to know their child is learning and having a good time while they're away at day care. When we provide infant care and day care for toddlers, we specialize care for three age groups:

  • Infants age six weeks and up are fed and given nap time, tummy time, and face time.
  • Toddlers from nine months to 14 months of age learn to move, walk and feed themselves.
  • Toddlers from 15 months to two years of age prepare for pre-school.

In every group, kids interact with each other and learn important social skills. We'll also keep you involved with regular updates, including Daily Communication sheets. Each sheet tracks your child's progress with individualized notes. Contact our team right away to learn more about our day care.