Does Your Child Need Care After School?

Count on our after-school program for older kids in Newaygo, MI

After school lets out, your child still needs some supervision every day. They also need a place that feels like their home away from home. Shaneann's Early Learning Center, LLC provides after-school programs for ages 12 and younger in Hesperia and Newaygo, MI.

Every day, your child will get:

Nutritious snacks to enjoy
Fun games to share with friends
Educational activities to participate in
Outdoor playtime to let loose

They'll be supervised by our staff, while we'll use a more independent, less hands-on approach to after-school care with older kids than with our pre-school students. Contact us today to find out more about our after-school programs.

We didn't forget about homework

We didn't forget about homework

Our after-school care includes plenty of fun, but it includes time for children to do their homework, too. Our trained teachers can provide any help your child needs as they solve a math problem or write an essay. Email us right away to get more information on the program.