Why Us?

Hello, welcome to Shaneann's Early Learning Center, LLC. The staff at Shaneann's is a group of dedicated individuals who believe in helping children in the early years of their development. We help children socially, physically, and emotionally. The staff at our center is compassionate, observant, and naturally nurturing. All staff has had a criminal and FIA clearance and there is always an onsite staff member who is trained in CPR and First Aid.

At Shaneann's the staff works to create a homelike environment where our focus is on learning and helping children feel safe and secure. Our primary goal is that children have fun while in our care. Our belief is that children learn through play and we offer many chances for them to be creative and explore.

We strongly believe in the importance of early childhood development, which is why all toys in the center have an educational purpose. This then makes learning a fun and exciting adventure for the children. We believe the most important element of the infant/toddler room environment is an available and responsible caregiver. Any person who has cared for toddlers knows that they are a challenging age group and must have undivided attention, as well as interaction in small groups. We believe that adults set the overall tone in terms of the socio-emotional quality of the environment while furniture, toys, and supplies determine the tone of the physical environment.

We believe communication between parent and teacher is of extreme importance and we strive to be good communicators to offer you information regarding how your child's day went. We do this both verbally and for the younger children: "daily activity sheets" are sent home. We encourage you to share openly any concerns or questions that may arise. It is important to all of us that there is a similar child care philosophy between the parents and staff.

No matter what age your child is, if there are any special issues you want to address such as; allergies, length of naps or eating habits we want you to feel free to discuss them with us. We want you to feel comfortable when dropping your child off with us and we will help you in any way possible to meet that goal. At Shaneann's we have an open door policy and welcome parents to stop in at any time. We will work to the best of our ability to meet the needs of all children.

Our History

Our History

Shaneann's started in 1984 as an in home center. After 23 years of caring for many children and building relationships with families we decided to grow outside of the home. We started a Center in 2007 and within two years had two centers. After 11 years in business we saw the need to move into a larger building to reach more families.

Happy Clients

​​Shaneann's feels that our Clients are part of our family. We strive to make them all feel comfortable while they are at work. We would like to thank them all for trusting use to care for their most precious gifts.

I love this...you have shown my girls so much care and all the ladies have going back 6 years ago when we first walked into your center. Some people babysit but you ladies take it to where I know when I am at work my girls are cared for with the ut most care...I am so happy more people will be able to have these ladies care for their children!

- Becky Hall

I still remember when you used to babysit me!! That was about 30 years ago. Congratulations on your growth throughout the years, doing what you are amazing at!!

- Amanda Brown

You Changed my life for sure!!! Thanks for being so great

- Melody Butters

Sophia and Charlie loved going to your house. They still talk about it now and they are almost 16 :)

- Megan Bassett

Seems like yesterday that my guy was breaking in Shanies in Croton :)r.

- Jaci Wismar

I am excited for this new journey for you and know that you have made many parents SO happy as they entrust their most precious gifts to your care!

- Mary Cay Puska

You definitely deserve it. Don't know what I would have done without your help raising these two. Your an amazing person with a huge heart and deserve the best. Forever grateful for you!!!

- Melissa Bergsma

I'm so very thankful for your daycare! I could drop my sweet boy off, and not have to worry.

- Tiffany Sanborn

Lily loves it there and calls it home.

- Jennifer Page

thank you for all the wonderful times you have given my children and so many others in this community. We have always loved your staff!

- Louise Holmes Hunt



*One time enrollment fee of $30.00 per family is required upon enrollment. THIS FEE IS NONREFUNDABLE.
*Rates are as follows: (subject to change with advanced notice)
*Sibling discount $5 per day off per child after first child at full rate.

  • Full Time infant/Toddler (4 to 5 days ) $165
  • Part Time Infant /Toddler (Up to 3 days) $100
  • Full Time Preschool/School age $155
  • Part Time Preschool/School age $95
  • Before and After School $95
  • Over 9 per day hours add $3.50 hour

*Children are required to be picked up no later than 6:00 p.m. There will be a charge of $5.00 for every five minutes or any part thereof. This payment must be made directly to the staff person when you pick your child up. If payment is not made, payment must be made before your child can stay on his/her next scheduled day.

We participate with DHS​ And Great Start to Quality